Organize Your Party Team

Because there is so much that goes into planning for a party, it may be wise to organize a
‘Party Team’.

Depending on the size of your event, you will need to decide how many people will be a part of
your Party Team.

A Party Team is simply a group of close friends or family members that you will trust to delegate certain responsibilities too, before, during and after the event.

Delegated responsibilities will include,

  • Before:  Ordering and picking up supplies, Ordering and picking up food, ordering invitations, scheduling and confirming party vendors, decorating, setting up tables and chairs (indoors and outdoors), etc.


  • During: Greet guests at the door, keep food warm, help with serving, keep glasses full, making
    sure everyone is entertained, watching out for the kids, picking up and disposing of trash,
    help keep the party timeline on schedule, etc.


  • After: Winding down the party, helping guests exit, clean up and dispose of garbage, help clean pans and dishes, and finally, take a breathe and congratulate each other for a party well done!

Regardless of the size of the party, it is always easier and more enjoyable when you put together a reliable Party Team!

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