How to throw a party on a budget

I have been asked on more than one occasion to give advice about how to throw a party on a budget.

Throwing a party on a budget can be a real killjoy!

I mean, I personally like doing things up really big based around one theme.

Whether that be The Occasion or, my most favorite theme party of all, the Guest of Honor.

Regardless, if you can throw a party where everyone walks away talking more about the people as opposed to the decorations, then that is a party to relish.

If you want to know how to throw a party on a budget, you can do it with careful party planning.

Here are some tips on how to throw a party on a budget:

  • Set a budget – most people just say ‘Let’s throw a party’ and go wild on decorations and food and forget about the main focus, ether the Occasion or the Guest of Honor. If you can predetermine a set amount that you will want to spend you can easily know what and where to buy.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help – ask friends or family if they have a punch bowl or left over balloons and decorations from a party they recently threw. Most people save left over party favors thinking they will use them one day but never do.
  • Do it Pot Luck Style – ask friends and family to contribute a dish to the event. This way you can have a buffet style menu and it saves you a ton of work and money. I would definitely assign specific dishes to people that know how to cook. Last thing you need is to have someone’s feelings hurt because their dish has not been touched all night long.
  • Cups, plates and utensils – for those that do not know what a stove looks like, you can ask them to bring cups, plates, utensils, napkins and stuff they can’t overcook. Again, this move will save you money. 

As the Host or Hostess, stay with a smile on your face and make everyone feel welcomed. Make sure everyone is well taken care of and having a good time.

Finally, keep the Occasion or the Guest of Honor front and center and your party on a budget will be one to remember.

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