Greeting each and every Guest

Whether you personally greet your guest at the door or you have one of your helpers greet them, make certain that you, as the Host, make that extra special effort to greet each and every guest
with a bright smile and a warm hug and/or a heartfelt handshake.

This kind and generous gesture will make every guest feel welcomed into your home or event.

Making people feel as though they belong at the party will open them up to engage in conversation with other guests of yours that they may not know.

If the crowd is still light, take the opportunity to make introductions and give your guests a tour of the ‘lay-out’ making sure to let them know where they can get served and where they can grab a refreshment.

Thank your guests for attending and move on to finishing your preparations or just enjoy the conversation.

One final note, many first time guests are apprehensive when asking where the restroom, bathroom
or washroom is.

If this is the first time your guest has been to your home or if the party is at a banquet hall, briefly mention to your guest the location of your facilities if they feel the need to ‘wash their hands’.

Remember, the Greeting sets the tone of your party and is the beginning of the experience that
your guests will enjoy.

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